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Keynotes | Breakouts


Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker to address a large group of women, a breakout session speaker to interact in a more intimate setting, or a workshop leader to facilitate team building events, I will help you meet your goals while getting your audience engaged, connected, and energized.

I have been speaking for over 20 years and teaching, learning from, and working with, women my entire career. There are two things about which I am certain:

  • Women can set the world on fire when our energy and passion is ignited, and
  • We often allow shame/doubt to hold us back from doing the very things that light us up.

My Call to Women

It’s time to get on your feet, stomp on the things that have held you back, and dance into the future. You were created to live an audacious life.

And this audacious life impacts everything, your career, your family, your relationships, your health, and definitely your happiness.





Igniting Your Soul and Balancing Your Life

We take life too seriously. 
We stress over To Do lists, deadlines, “musts” and “shoulds.” 

Yes, we need to be responsible adults and meet our obligations, but in the name of responsibility we often miss out on the best part of life – living it!

God tells us to be like the little children.  Something children do really well is laugh and play.  They interact with others and they have fun.  Somewhere in life we, as adults, have lost touch with this part of ourselves and in doing so we end up resenting our jobs, our families, and our lives.

But, our lives are meant to be rewarding and some of the greatest rewards come through play.  In fact, our bodies and minds are designed for play and it is through playing that we begin to discover our passions, build meaningful relationships, and become empowered to succeed in the workplace.  Even God plays.  Does that surprise you?


In this session we will answer:

  • What is play?
  • How do you play as an adult?
  • How can play benefit you both personally and professionally and bring balance to your life?


You are Remarkable

If you truly believed you were remarkable what would you do? 
How would you change your life? How would you change your families’ lives? 
How would you change the world?
Let’s find out.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary remarkable means: “Worthy of being or likely to be noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.”

You are “worthy of being noticed.”

You are “uncommon.”

You are “extraordinary.”

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from. Your place of birth doesn’t make a difference. Your family history doesn’t change the truth.   Nothing you’ve done in the past or anything you are doing right now can change the fact … you are remarkable.

On bad hair days and days when your jeans don’t zip; on days when you snap at a co-worker or yell at your children; and on days when you feel like the world is closing in on you, you are still remarkable.

Take the journey to discover the truth … YOU ARE REMARKABLE …for this will change everything.


In this session you will:

  • Begin to identify the lies that hold you back.
  • Learn tools to replace those lies with truth.
  • Identify with women who changed the course of history.


Thriving in Your Moments

“Intrepid boldness; bold or arrogant disregard of normal restraints.” 
That is how the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines audacity.

Imagine living an audacious life; a life that envisions your dream and goes for it. Imagine being a woman who says, “This is my moment, I am going to take it!” Imagine building a life that is full of audacious moment after audacious moment.

It’s not impossible. In fact, it’s not even distant. It is now, right in front of you. Your first audacious moment is just ahead.


In this session you will discover:

  • How to recognize your moments.
  • Tools to help you live with audacity.
  • How to bring others along with you.



Presentation Requirements

If I am using slides I will bring my own 2017 MacBook Pro with a USB Type-C Multiport Adapter.

I will need:
A wireless lavalier or headset microphone.
An AC power outlet for my laptop.
A projector with a compatible cable for my adapter.
A speaker system with mini plug for audio output from my laptop speaker system for easily controllable audio.



Press Kit and Resources




Benefit to the Audience

Belief that they can life a powerful, audacious life.

The opportunity to hear from the heart of a woman who has overcome abuse and shame, turning them into a force to empower other women.

Practical techniques to make simple adjustments that will add zing to their personal and professional lives.

Confidence in knowing they are valuable beyond measure.

Benefits to the Company

I am an easy-to-work-with speaker who relates to all audiences.

Your team will have every opportunity to leave boredom at the door as I like engage my audience from the beginning, getting them up on their feet, having fun.

A team of women who understand that individually they are valuable and powerful… and together they are unstoppable.

A team of women who are not afraid to take on challenges and excel in both their personal and professional lives.


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