A Global Movement

I have worked with a variety of women, from CEOs to women in Drug Court to women in war-torn countries, and one thing is true; we all share many of the same innate desires, fears, dreams, and doubts. These may be expressed differently from person to person, but there is always a common thread… we are human, full of emotions, strengths, weaknesses and a lot of dichotomies.  

Often these things seem to be in conflict with one another, but in reality, they are part of the complexities of being a woman.

I am Every Woman is a spoken-word video that will launch a global movement. In the video, women from around the world will take turns reciting one of these commonalities. For example:

I am stronger than I ever imagined I’d have to be,

But sometimes I just want to be vulnerable and have someone take care of me.

I am Every Woman.

The video is the catalyst for a movement, facilitated by social and other viral media, that will unite women and encourage us to see each other as part of a larger, connected, sisterhood.  

Supporting others:

One hundred percent of the profits from this video will go into a fund to help support the at-risk individuals/families/communities represented throughout this process.  Funds will either be funneled through an existing non-profit or micro-financing organization.




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