Through the Threshold


It was evening when I stumbled upon these columns; the air was crisp, and the sky was just starting to turn gray. And although there was enough light to see down the walkway, there was a sense of mystery to my adventure. I started taking pictures and wondered who would have built pathways leading to nowhere.

What you can’t see in this picture, and I didn’t see until I started walking down the path, is a second pathway that leads to the right a few steps beyond the entrance. What was even more surprising is that the walkway does not end at the back bushes as it appears. It actually turns left and continues onward. Eventually it opens up to a part of the gardens I could not see from my first vantage point.

This columned walkway reminds me of our life’s journey. When we look to the future our sight is very limited by what we see, or think we see, right in front of us. And what we see often looks to lead to a dead end. Because of that, we tend to recoil and turn around.

But our eyes are easily deceived.  When we actually take the first bold step down the pathway, we realize the possibilities that await … the mysteries revealed, the choices that are ours, and the beautiful gardens around the bend.

However, discovering these wonderful treasures is completely dependent upon our willingness to take the first step. It is risky and can often seem pointless, but until we take the first step we may never know what wonders lie ahead. We must step through the threshold and be willing to explore the possibilities of our own life’s journey.