On the Other Side of the Door


I love doors 🚪. I love what they represent. Whether they are slick glass or old bartered wood, they make way for opportunity.

Doors are designed to be pathways through which we walk. And until we open one and go through it, we never really know what is on the other side.

Do you have a door you need to walk through? Have you been hesitant because you’re afraid of what you may/may not find?

Yes, there is always some fear with a new adventure, but here’s the thing ... feat is a liar! (If you haven’t heard this song by Zach Williams listen to it today.). Fear will always try to limit you and hold you back. That’s it’s job.

But, fear is NOT from the Lord. Papa God does not work with fear. He destroys it. We are created to live a life of joy, excitement, and abundance.

Perhaps the door that is in front of you is the one that you’ve been waiting for. You’ll never know unless you open it and walk through.