Passion ... Now Action


I hope you have taken the time to identify your passions - the things that get your heart pumping and get you excited about living (see The Power of Passion post.) Assuming you have taken this step, now what? It’s one thing to know your passions, and another to live them out.


Pick the two or three items from your ‘Passions’ list that move you the most. Write each on the top of a blank sheet of paper. Focusing on only one at a time, list all the ways you can become engaged in, and incorporate this passion into your life.


For example, one of my passions is encouraging women through sharing “my story” and the blessings I’ve received through discovering my own value. So, my list of ways to get engaged include: blogging, writing articles and books, taking leadership roles in women-lead organizations, speaking, etc.


As you brainstorm ways to get involved, don’t filter your thoughts. Let your imagination flow. Some ideas will be unrealistic, but many will be completely feasible. Once you’ve exhausted your own thinking, enlist a friend or colleague. They will have a different perspective and will add great value to your ideas.


Next, pick two or three possibilities from your new ‘Ways to Get Engaged’ list and come up with doable action items, steps you can take to achieve each idea. My steps for taking on a leadership role in a women-lead organization, for example, included researching the different women’s groups in my area, deciding on which I wanted to join, getting to know the women involved, and making my intentions known. Your action items will be unique to you and your passions so don’t feel like you have to follow a “set path.”


The important thing regarding your steps is that they are doable. Think of them as mini-goals. Goals are only valuable if they are obtainable. You very well may have to stretch to achieve them (I hope you do), but they are definitely within your reach.


Finally, and most importantly, take action. If you are committed to living a vibrant life you must be willing to work to get there.

Making lists is only helpful if you put actions behind your words. Commit yourself to taking one step toward your passion each and every day. The step doesn’t have to be monumental. It may be that today you research companies who provide the service you are passionate about. Tomorrow you may register for a class. The next day you may begin seeking a mentor, and so on. The vital thing is that you take action.


Living your passion takes a willingness to risk … risk that comes with stepping out of your comfort zone. But with each step you take, the risk becomes less threatening and your goals more attainable.