Chain Breaker

Chain Breaker


I was introduced to the concept of expressing emotions through color in the Fall of 2012. Prior to that I had never put a brush to canvas.


I had always admired the work of artists, but never felt I was talented in that way. 

At the time, I was suffering greatly from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and was struggling to understand, much less communicate, what was going on inside me.

Putting color on canvas allowed me to “get my emotions out” and begin to process them. It was incredibly therapeutic and began to change my life.

Now, painting plays a tremendous role in my life. I paint several times a week and have found it to be one of the most enjoyable things I do. My art is incredibly personal as each piece stems from a place deep inside my soul. It is still one of the tools I use to process my day, but mostly, it is a way to celebrate life.

I am honored to have my work displayed in homes and businesses throughout the United States. 

Unless otherwise noted, all the artwork on this page is available for purchase.



“The painting you created for me took my breath away! It is beautiful, but more than that it is spiritual and moves my soul into song and dance; a place I have not been for a long time.”Imagine a room full of women, hands in the air, dancing joyfully. This experience is not unusual as we step into our roles as valuable, audacious women.

Margie, Laguna Niguel, CA


Audacious Dreams

36″ x 48″ | Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas | $605

Audacious Dreams.png

This piece has held a special place in my heart and life for quite some time now. It came at a time when I was being launched into a season of incredible dreams for the future. I am still in a season of dreaming and trusting God for audacious things, but as is often the case with my work, it is time to let this piece go to a new home. It has done it's work in my life.

If you’d like to read the full story behind Audacious Dreams, contact me and I will send it to you.




24″ x 24″ | Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas| $250

This is another piece that held a special place in my life for many months. It sat on my mantel as a reminder of God’s incredible love pouring into our lives - like a waterfall cascading down a mountain side. When the water hits the bottom, things are stirred and there is a billowing that occurs with this incredible disruption.


Fireworks Series

12” x 12” with 8” x 8” Opening | Ink on Acrylic Paper | Framed | $70 each or $200 for three

The Fireworks series is one of my favorites. I started experimenting with acrylic inks and found I love the way the ink moves and interacts with other tools. Mostly I manipulate the ink with water and compressed air.

To me this series is a perfect example of life. We set the foundation (for inks I often use water on acrylic paper) and then surprises/experiences are dropped into our lives (the ink.) It’s up to use to determine what we do with those surprises. We can let them take their own course; we can jump in the middle of them, interact and let them absorb into our being; or we can try to run from them. But even in the running, they always leave their mark on our lives.

The other dynamic is that life experiences don’t come in isolation. They are most often layered one on top of the other. It’s not until the layering begins that we see how these experiences interact with one another. Some of these interactions leave dark marks, others vibrant hues. But no matter what, they always form an explosion of color!

Like fireworks on the Fourth of July, our experiences explode onto the canvas of our lives bringing surprises, depth, color and excitement.



Small Bites Series

Small Bites Series | Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas

6” x 6” $25, 5” x 7” $25, 8” x 8” $45, 8” x 10” $56, 10” x 10” $70

I have begun branching out into smaller canvases.  I love the challenge of fitting my passion into a smaller space.



The Outpouring

24″ x 36″ | Mixed Media on Wrapped Canvas

$305, Donated

This was a piece of passion painted over many sessions with different mediums. 

As I have been growing in my personal life and stepping out in audacious faith in my professional life, I can feel excitement, joy, and life bubbling up inside me.  This piece was literally my pouring myself into my art.  Releasing the textures, shading, and juxtaposition of light and dark onto the canvas.

The Outpouring



Passionate discoverY

15” x 30” | Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas | $160

Passionate Discovery

Passionate Discovery

This is a special piece, one of my favorites, but it didn’t start that way.

I have been working on this piece for months, many months. When I started I had a specific idea where I wanted to go with it and how I wanted it to look. (I should know better than to try to “make” something happen. That’s not how I paint.) The more I worked on it, the more I hated it.

My problem was obvious. I was trying to force a result. I was painting for an outcome, not from a place of emotion. So, I put the canvas away for a few weeks.

I took it out again and tried to “fix” what I had done. Again, painting for a result, not from a place of emotion. I put it away.

Then finally I decided to look at the piece from a new perspective. Instead of seeing what I had done “wrong” – seeing the things I did not like – I decided to see it as a base for something new. I began again.

This time I put on music (as I often do) and focused on singing and dancing around my studio instead of focusing on the product. The more I worked on it and let the emotions flow onto the canvas the more passionate about it I became. And the more passionate I became the more I discovered myself flowing into the piece. By the time I finished I truly loved it.

This is such a great life lesson that I learn over and over again through my artwork … trying to force an outcome or trying to create a preconceived idea only leads to frustration. It’s only when I allow myself to let go of expectations that my passions flow freely and I discover new things about myself.



Chain Breaker

30″ x 40″ | Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas | $415

I love the musician Zach Williams and I often paint to his music.  In fact, I spend a lot of time listening to his music.  One of his songs is title Chain Breaker and it really speaks to my heart.  As I allow Father, God to break the chains that bind me I realize that the essence of who I am – all the beauty that He’s put inside me – explodes outward.  The colors are vibrant and strong and full of movement and life.

This piece shows a bit of that explosion.

Chain Breaker

Chain Breaker


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